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GISTEK INSURANCE SOLUTIONS is a developer of disruptive solutions for the insurance sector, that is, what is known today as an InsurTech company (a company that applies new technologies to develop new solutions for insurance).


Company’s history


GISTEK was established in 2004 due to the need to develop and apply new technologies in the field of insurance. This need had been detected by its promoters, Julio Bravo Ruiz and Unai Bravo Suarez, experts who have dedicated their entire professional career to the field of insurance expertise.

The company was born responding to a demand from insurance companies, renting companies (body / self-insurance appraisals, maintenance reports, completions / campaigns), BROKERS (expertise in large accounts below franchise), defense and claim managers and expert cabinets .

GISTEK develops solutions that are used by numerous insurance companies such as Leaseplan Insurance, Arval, Patria Hispana, Zurich Insurance, Racc Seguros, Atlantis, Agrupació Mutua, Generali, AXA, …

Value proposal


GISTEK is a developer of advanced software solutions for the insurance sector. These solutions aim to improve their value chain through automation, standardization and data connectivity. The vertical solutions allow to optimize the business processes in which the different agents that collaborate with the insurance companies are involved, such as: experts, repairers and lawyers.

Through process analysis, applications are designed that eliminate those operations that do not add value by automating them, the agents work on sequences pre-established by the company, thus guaranteeing the quality / uniformity of the results.




The marketing method is direct thanks to the fluid communication with the entities of the insurance sector. In this sense, when a new solution is developed, different demonstrations of its functionality are made in order to disseminate it among the possible interested clients.

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Main competitiveness factors

High specialisation

GISTEK develops specialised solutions for the insurance field thanks to the knowledge of the needs and requirements of the sector.

For this, it has the collaboration of experts supporting it in the definition of requirements and in the validation of solutions.

Technological differentiation

GISTEK applies the latest technologies such as mobile technologies, Computer Vision, Augmented reality, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, etc … to the insurance sector in order to perform an optimal assessment.

Its staff consists of 12 people of which all are university graduates in areas related to computer science, all of them with great experience in the development of solutions advanced in the insurance sector since they have participated in the development of the GISTEK product portfolio.

Knowledge of the sector

Thanks to direct contact with the insurance world, GISTEK has an immediate knowledge of the needs of the sector, which allows it to react in a immediate to the requirements applying the latest available technologies.


Company challenges and threats today

The disruption is changing the traditional insurance business model, focusing on the customer and creating a full range of digital competencies. In this context, the trend indicates that InsurTech companies (startups) are playing a fundamental role in the development of solutions that respond to the needs of the sector. Thus, since 2010 the total funding of InsurTech has risen to 9,200 million dollars in 287 startups. And, only in 2016, the industry reached 2,700 million dollars and it is expected that in 2017 this trend will continue.

On the other hand, the investment activity of insurers in startups amounts to 11,300 million dollars in 387 startups since 2010, of which 4,900 million dollars were made only during 2016. In addition to the quantitative aspect, it should also be noted that the Increased investment in the last stages of the financing funds reveals that there is greater interest in more consolidated business models.

Since 2014, there has been significant growth in startups focused on IoT and Artificial Intelligence and, in the same way, investment has also turned towards this type of technology to the detriment of Big Data or social platforms.

The business lines of health, automobile and life have focused mainly on the investment in IoT or Artificial Intelligence during 2016, which may suggest an interest in enriching customer behaviour profiles and improving predictive models. For its part, the household business continued to invest in startups based on social platforms, Big Data and backend technologies, which could indicate a search for higher levels of efficiency in pricing policies and risk assessment.

The main challenges that GISTEK faces in such a changing environment are the following:

  • Offer tailored products and services for different segments. Search for new concepts of products and services to meet the changing needs of insurance companies in their new relationships with customers.
  • Develop new solutions that help improve communication between the insurance company and its client. Redefine and look for innovative interaction models to respond to the new habits and demands of the client.
  • Take advantage of current analytical and information capacity, look for new proposals to analyze risk accurately and save costs to insurance companies.
  • Optimize processes. Advances such as cloud-based technology lead to greater flexibility and the emergence of solutions that facilitate process optimization, for example, through automation and collaboration. In this sense, claims management has experienced a substantial improvement (simplicity and agility in the processes) and reduction of the management cycle.

The main threat with which GISTEK can be found is the reticence of the most traditional insurers to adapt to new technologies, although according to what PWC indicates in its latest report on the insurance sector:

“In a context of transformation and strategic redefinition, the industry must convert the threats arising from the new digital era into an opportunity to improve its service capacity and customer knowledge, based on a firm commitment to technological innovation, which includes a collaborative model with the InsurTech environment. “

Pedro Díaz Leante, responsible partner of the Insurance Sector in PwC.

Main strategic lines for the coming years.

GISTEK currently has the UBIQUOS telepresence solution for remote monitoring that is having a great reception in the market. Among its clients, the insured group Zurich and ACM Spain stand out.

Having detected the important reception and being aware of the challenges and opportunities of the insurance sector, GISTEK decided to take a step forward by incorporating augmented reality technologies and virtual reconstruction to telepresence systems in order to position itself in a privileged position in the market in which , currently, there is no solution implemented at the national level and few solutions in the international arena.

In this sense, its strategic line goes through the development of new solutions that allow the analysis and assessment of damages in the field of insurance expertise through the application of new technologies.

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