The most complete telepresence system on the market

A tool created by:


  • Video < Full HD Optimizing performance based on available bandwidth
  • High performance in 3G networks. Excellent performance with low bandwidth
  • Video and voice on the same channel
  • Remote control of device from PC / Smartphone / tablet
  • Online and offline video recording
  • High quality photo shooting up to 20 mpx
  • Lighting Control: Flash and Led
  • Zoom control
  • Surface Measurement Online: Areas and Lengths
  • Interactive board, drawing and blueprints delivery.
  • Call center management system
  • Multi session storages
  • Login by SMS invitation
  • User profiles mobile: Insured and professional multi-user


Gistek Ubiquos, the most advanced professional telepresence system on the market



UBIQUOS allows the contact between the different professionals involved in a claim



Ubiquos has a wide range of tools that facilitate an optimal assessment

Video and on-cloud video recording
High quality pictures
Audio recording
Multi session storage
Offline recording

Remote control
Log in via SMS
Surface measurements
Lighting control
Zoom control

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